Project Description

Yorck Movie Trailer 2012

Our mission

These films need a suitable frame in the Yorck cinemas. Whether you are sitting in the Grand Premier Palace, in a traditional movie theater, or in one of the charming Kiezkinos, every spectator is welcomed with the most cordial welcome.
This project was created in cooperation with Hatch Berlin, which created the Corporate Design for the Yorck Group and whose house agency is.

Motion ID of the Yorck Cinema group

Soon trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Now trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Summer Cinema trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Kinoabo trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Yorck Card Trailer

Social trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Partner trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Voucher Cinema trailer of the Yorck Cinema group

Making of "Yorck Cinema trailer" by Goldener Westen

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The YORCK Cinema group brings the best films to the most beautiful film theatres in Berlin – and this for 30 years now.
The cinema landscape of the city is incomparably diverse. The Yorck Cinema Group is a cultural mediator who has long been passionately and carefully selected arthouse films.

Our target audience

Cinema visitors with a claim.


The movie trailers of the Yorck group

Together with Hatch-Berlin-who are responsible for the brand appearance of the Yorck group-we developed a total of 9 different trailers, which bring almost all relevant information about the Yorck Cinema group onto the screen.
Based on the content to be conveyed, each of these trailers tells its own little story, in close harmony with the Corporate Design of the Yorck cinemas.
The spectators will learn everything they need to know about their cinema visit and feel good from the Delphi film Palace to the Rollberg cinema in the meanwhile 12 cinemas of the Yorck Cinema group.
This is how we bring the self-image of Yorck cinemas to the screen: "In the right cinema you are never in the wrong movie." For the wonderful sound we thank Nick Radeke from the Bäkestudio and base Berlin for the finishing touches on the real surround sound.

Since October 2012 the trailers run in almost all cinemas of the Yorck Cinema group.


Daniel Sibbers from Yorck-Kino GmbH (head of marketing) says

"The Goldener Westen has produced a large screen promotional trailers on various topics for our cinema business. The high demand, the passion and the eye for detail have convinced as us like the flexibility and patience in the implementation phase."