Project Description

Load Balancing


Founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, STRATO is the second-largest internet service provider in Europe. Although their product range is multifaceted, the Berlin-based firm always guarantee one thing: they never fail to give their customers professional quality at an affordable price. It’s true of their homepage construction kit that lets people get online quickly and easily. It’s true of their online storage that makes data secure and accessible across in the globe. And it’s true of their servers’ impressive pro tools and their webshops that simplify shopping online. As if that weren’t enough, STRATO’s two independently-tested data centres in Germany are powered with hydrogen fuel, making them CO2-free, cheaper to run, more responsible and better for the environment in the long term – all things consumers appreciate.


As a further infographic for the graphical support of the PR department of Strato, we have created another, attractive infographic that explains the facts and contexts of Strato server technology with fun and ease. In this case, it was about the representation of the cluster IP and the load balancing. In addition, we should demonstrate the systematics that the two technologies describe in combination.
In terms of design, we move in familiar climes: based on our infographic about Strato's shared web hosting, we have implemented this project appropriately.

Our task

In the style of the other infographics that Goldener Westen has created for Strato, the load balancing system should be explained in three different variants.


Target audience

The target group for this infographic can be found above all in the network: bloggers and journalists who report on Strato's great shared web hosting system should be provided with informative images to make their contributions even more attractive To be able to present. The final consumer of this infographic is then again the user who left the contributions.