Project description

Redesign: Dr. Schinen

Dr. Schin Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery and hand surgery at the hamburger since 2012 Clinic Dr. Guth. He is also the author of numerous Articles Among others in the area of breast surgery, hand surgery and plastic-reconstructive surgery.


Plastic surgery is composed of plastic-reconstructive surgery as well as aesthetic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The difference between the two sub-areas of the subject area is as follows:
The plastic-reconstructive surgery deals with the restoration of the form and function of the body, the cosmetic surgery wants to make it more beautiful and change existing forms. Both disciplines may be used by very different people, with very different needs and concerns.

Our challenge was to bring hand surgery (plastic reconstructive surgery) and aesthetic surgery under one roof and to show on the website that the two completely different sub-areas still look "like a single font". In addition, the two sub-pages "Plastic surgery" and "hand surgery" should also function as landing page. We have developed the look for the stock photos, optimized the search engine page and set up a simple appointment form. What came out of it? A real eye-catcher!