Project Description

NDR Library

The NDR is the third largest broadcaster of the ARD and also participates in the Community programme of the first German television with 17.6%. The NDR also includes eight radio programmes, which are to be received around the clock in the four federal states of Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein.



The search as a keyfeature

The key feature of our Concept development and the Web Design is the search. Because the overwhelming majority of media libraries users are looking for certain content. That is why we have also put the search at the centre of attention. The second important feature of media libraries is the stage. Here we offer the sender the opportunity to become editorial and to give the desired attention to certain programmes. With large Previewbildern, the stage can give the desired attention to the content. These are the two entry possibilities that we offer the user and which are always based on the same premise: Content is king – everything depends on the content.

The Navigator

However, our search can be more than any known input field. That's why we call it the navigator. The navigator works on the same principle wherever we are in the library. It is intuitively understood and can therefore be applied immediately and easily. We have deliberately adapted its functionality to the mobile OS X gesture control. This is due to the fact that touchscreen devices are becoming the leading medium. If the navigator is activated, we offer the user three ways to use it: he can search selectively, he can browse and he can access the content that is currently being sent live. In the targeted search we offer him again, depending on the preference, to get various possibilities to the desired content (by Classic keyword search, alphabetical, calendar, thematic, via the transmitter etc.). Our offer looks similar when browsing (chronologically, by popularity, recommendations, etc.).

Through a movement known from the iphone world, we now offer more possibilities to narrow the results, depending on the selection of the search method. The input field moves to the left, sets itself over the stage and allows the user to always make his new selection in the same place on the screen. In the third, the search results are presented in different presentation possibilities.

The new player of the NDR Media Library

The new player of the NDR Media Library has also been redesigned and designed. This applies both to the player included in the library and to the satellite players on the regular NDR page. The buttons are divided into two categories: basic functions (play/Pause, info about the Post) and professional tool (settings, help, volume, light off, full screen). As soon as you have pressed the info button, you will get an overlay to all other important functions: links to the post, external links, wishlist, download, recommend etc. If the player is integrated into a programme or theme page, the functions are retained, but the navigator is reduced to the relevant content.

In a second step, we have designed personalization options, but they should be worked out later.

Animation for clarity

Our design follows a number of clear guidelines. All elements are optimized to the existing grid of the side, so that the fixed toothing with the mother side can be easily implemented. Not only in the conception but also in the surface design, we have accepted and taken into account the medium-term touch devices as groundbreaking and decisive. In particular, the Navigator 1 to 1 can also be applied to mobile devices. Animations are generally not used for jewellery or sensationalism but always serve to clarify the function or navigation. The surface must be attractive, correspond to the image and the user group of the NDR and must not play in the foreground. Everything has to adapt to the design of the other NDR Internet presence. However, the library and media libraries must be immediately recognizable and visible as such. The design and content is always expandable and adaptable and therefore sustainable.

Our task

We were commissioned to develop a terminal-independent and sustainable expandable Design for the frontend of the new NDR library. The customer also wanted accessibility and improved integration into the page and its subpages.

It was intended to create an interface that is both creative and functional, but at the same time to take into account the existing CI guidelines of the NDR. One big challenge was the large amount of content that was to be arranged clearly – on the other hand the integration of the library into existing NDR subpages with a rigid grid. The player should also be revised and integrated into the library as functional as possible. In a later step, the existing grid is to be converted into a responsive layout.


Target audience

The online offer is visited above average by internet users, who also belong to the listeners and regular viewers of the NDR programmes on radio and television. In the NDR area, the share of Internet users in all decades to 50-59 is over 75 percent, with the 14-to 19-year-olds the share is close to 100 percent and the use of the over 60-year-olds is also increasing.