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MAINTITLE: Menachem & Fred

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EGOLI TOSSELL Film is an independent film production company and financing entity with subsidiaries in Berlin, Leipzig, Halle, Cologne, Munich and Potsdam-Babelsberg. Founded by Judy Tossell and Jens Meurer in 2001 as a merger of their former production companies Egoli films and Tossell pictures, they are European producers with a passion for great stories and storytellers.

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Menachem & Fred Synopsis (English)

While hidden in a Christian orphanage, Manfred Mayer, 13, promised his mother to always protect his younger brother, Heinz. But the two were separated in 1945. Upon receiving the news of their parents ' death in Auschwitz, Manfred went to America, changed his name to Fred and deliberately abandoned his Jewish and English identities. Heinz (Menachem) made his way to Israel, devoted himself to orthodox Judaism, and dedicated his life to Zionism. Sixty years later they meet again. In their hometown of Hoffenheim, at the invitation of two German brothers — their school friends from before the war — who after founding the software giant SAP have become one of Germany's wealthiest families. It was their local Nazi chief — who was responsible for the deportation of the Mayer family. In post-production

Menachem & Fred Synopsis (English)

MENACHEM & Fred tells the extraordinary story of the Encounters of MENACHEM Mayer and Fred Raymes, two Jewish brothers of German origin who survived the Holocaust in a French orphanage and whose paths separated after the war.
Both opted for diametrically opposed ways of (over) life – while Fred hid his Jewish-German origin and became an American, Menachem found a national-religious life as an Orthodox Jew in Israel. For many years they denied the existence of the other until the letters that the parents had written to them from the camp to the orphanage brought them back together.
Menachem & Fred celebrated his German premiere at the International Hofer Film Festival 2008Inspirational Award
The documentary film "Menachem & Fred" produced by Egoli Tossell film Köln by the Israeli directors Ofra Tevet and Ronit Kertsner received the inspirational Award as part of the Gala Cinema for Peace on 9 February.