Project Description

Transitions with System

Our mission

Over two years, the participants in the study have been working to improve the situation of socially disadvantaged young people.

A 100seitige study with an infographic as the core element came out. Our task was to explain the results of this work in the shortest possible time, to charge emotionally and to demonstrate with examples.

Tracks & Fields

The Bertelsmann Foundation is committed to the common good in the tradition of its founder Reinhard Mohn. The "Transitions with System" initiative aims to improve the perspectives of young people without a training place and to make structural decisions so that every young person can get a training place.

"Transitions with System" is a study that was developed in cooperation with Ministries of culture and Labour in various federal states, as well as the Federal Employment Agency.

Our target audience

Those responsible for politics, administration and associations, i.e. all those involved in improving the situation of disadvantaged young people.

The situation of young people without a training place

In about eight minutes we tell the stories of the two young people Lisa and Stefan, who have landed in the transitional system as a substitute for many after school and do not really progress. They both want a training place, but instead bridge the time in different measures, which only partly help them. One of the most important results of the study is that there are many good measures, but unfortunately they do not systematically lead to a goal or build on one another. Thus, the transition system is a patchwork without a clear objective direction.

Facts and a new orientation

On the second narrative level – the animation – we explain the transition system more precisely and on the other hand we illustrate how exactly the transition system should be "transitions with system". Since the infographic of the initiative is the core of the whole, it could not be changed, but had to be declared 1 to 1. Also, an important part of this film was not only explaining the concept, but also calling and representing all the agencies, initiatives and ministries involved, so that they could be at the event to publish the study in April 2011 in Berlin also appreciated.


Last but not least, it should be hoped that with the help of this study, it will be possible to implement sensible approaches which not only offer real prospects for those seeking training, but also the many, many companies that are struggling to reach Qualified employees.