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Feeling and attitude

Graphic design is the basis of any visual communication – no matter in which medium it takes place. In addition to the classic Corporate Design (business equipment with Logo Design, business cards, etc.) Are of course the new stars of the Digital Transformation: interface and Motion Design. Nothing makes a brand stronger than a strong appearance in all areas. We equip you with everything you need. We have a fine feeling for typography, colors, compositions and hierarchies.
Whenever we design anything for you, we’re guided by two central questions. Firstly: How should your product feel? And, secondly: What kind of attitude should be conveyed when people come into contact with your company, product or service?

A few Design examples

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We research the environment of the target group in detail and learn what it is used to.

In a workshop based on the personas methodology, we work with you to develop the needs and preferences of your target group.

Among other things, the following questions are clarified:
Who exactly do we want to talk about?
Who are the gatekeepers to the decision maker?
What does the customer journey look like?

We optionally check and sharpen our findings in customer interviews.

Based on the customer's understanding, we develop an overall concept for corporate communications/corporate media and agree with them.

We design the architecture, user guidance and customer experience without designing and agreeing with you.

We develop the new Design based on the concept and agree with you.

The Design will be launched and the staff will be trained.

A few customers

haufe - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
Adam Audio - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
stimmt 1 - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
Studio F.A.Porsche - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
arte - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
umantis - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
strato - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
lexware - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
Berlinale Talents - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
deutsches theater - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
Office Club - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
SUOL - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin


Glenn Holzer-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"We didn't feel like creating something new with Goldener Westen. Instead, we peeled out the essence of our company and our conviction and underlined it with brand attributes. And that was just right for true "

Glenn Holzer-Partner, Stimmt AG
Kai D. Thomas-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"I have been working with Goldener Westen for several years and it is always very pleasant and professional. I like the good mix of fresh ideas, very high quality and solid feasibility. Thank you for your reliability and the good nerves that you have proven so often, even if it has been really tight. " 

Kai Thomas-Online marketing Manager, Haufe
Mark Albrecht-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"Many thanks to the Goldener Westen team! You showed who´s the Number One!"

Mark Albrecht-Corporate development, Monday Coffee
Dominik Grötz-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"Always a good address, not only for me as kid from the Ruhr area: Goldener Westen. Fast full-service that dares also to think independently and always has several, different solutions in the quiver."

Dominik Grötz-Head of Creation,
Natalie Oswald-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"Fast, competent, friendly and creative –
What more could you want? "

Natalie Oswald-Marketing manager, strategic initiatives, Haufe
Maria Süß-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"The Goldener Westen team manages to thrill me over and over again. They develop attractive and intuitive solutions - also with tight budgets. I appreciate the short communication channels, the fast implementation and our reliable, partnership-based cooperation."

Maria Suess-Education & Events, Real Estate Scout GmbH
Petra Youngt-graphic Design studio from Berlin

"The cooperation with the Goldener Westen team is just great, consulting and implementation are extremely professional, fast and of high quality."

Petra Young e-commerce, Haufe-Lexware

Our awards

erklaerfilm animation - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin
go gun - Grafik Design Studio aus Berlin

Well, let us begin

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