Internship Illustration / Internship Illustration

Update: We found Karolin! From now on, and for half a year at best, we are looking for a*n trainee*in illustration. As an illustrator*in your main studies, we wish you to be simple and strong in character, especially in digital [...] is online

We are very happy that is online. This project is one of our most holistic. We've got the Corporate Design the story or narrative, designed and developed UX and UI and the whole [...]

Internship: Interface- and Webdesign

Update: We found Agata! Starting in November and for about half a year we are looking for a webdesign (interface- / UI- / UX-Design) intern. As a webdesign intern we want you to tell us that you are responsible for the [...]

The best Scrollytelling examples

We are currently working on some Scrollytelling interactive storytelling formats. That is why Gabriel has set out in search of the best examples. This was not only about the staging of the stories, but also [...]

Employer branding at the Haufe Group

Employer branding is becoming more and more important and of course the Haufe group is at the forefront as always. We have produced this film. Haufe writes: "The Haufe group has many faces. Through their own stories [...]

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