We are currently producing Swisscom Four explainer videos On the subject of Blockchain. The first one has just finished and we are very happy about the result. So ring FREE! 🎪

Update: All four explainer videos are there Here see.

Swisscom shortens the company's Blockchain to three hours.

To start a company has lasted 3 weeks. Now Swisscom, together with the Canton Zug and other partners, proved for the first time: thanks to Blockchain, this process can be reduced to 3 hours. And, thanks to Blockchain, it is also intended to make it easier for SMEs to borrow new capital.

"We want to launch a product with Daura in the next twelve months, enabling the company to participate in the stock market in a simple and cost-effective way." Dr. Luka Müller, partner of Mme Legal AG

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